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Terms and Conditions


Sign Up Policy

  1. One hour free demo for course students and three days trial for Quran / Qaida students.
  2. After completing trial classes, there is no obligation for students whether to continue classes or not.
  3. Fee will be charge in advance.
  4. Company can store your personal information you provided while signing up, Company will not disclose your information to third party but can use for official use.

Refund policy

  1. We charge in advance, Payment will only be refunded for the first month only if demanded.

Payment Policy

  1. First regular class will be the recurring/due date for the next month.
  2. You can pay via credit or debit card (Visa, Master, American express and Discover) online through PayPal. We do accept payment via western union or money gram. Consult our billing department if you want to make payment via any offline mean.
  3. AMD Global Enterprises is not liable for any extra charge and damaged made by the third party payment processor like Alert Pay or PayPal or any other.
  4. Company will notify you via email about the payment due. A phone call may be made to the student if he/she is not responding to the emails sent by the company.
  5. After signing up, company has the right to call you for official matters.
  6. In case student is going on leave and wants to have the same teacher and same timings then student is supposed to pay half month fee otherwise student cannot claim the same time and teacher.

General Policy

  1. Company can change teacher anytime and company will be responsible to conduct classes.
  2. Makeup classes will only be given if the management is informed by the student before the class. Management can be informed via email or phone call.
  3. There is a favor from the company to remind you about the class.
  4. If a student wants to change the class time then student has to contact management. Commitment made by the teacher for the class will not be entertained.
  5. Makeup class will be given on teacher’s available time and days.
  6. If the student is going on vacations and demands for the same time and teacher, then he/she has to pay half fee otherwise company will not be responsible for any change in timing or teacher when student start classes again.
  7. Teachers are signed in the contract with the company that they will do this job at least for one year. If the teacher leaves the job before one year without prior notice, which is illegal and unlawful. Company will provide you alternate teacher with the same qualification. In this case we recommend you not to make any contact with the teacher because company will not be responsible for any loss or damages made by such acts.
  8. Company will provide an alternate teacher if the teacher is absent or on leave just not to miss the class of the student.


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